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SBP management offers a full range of hotel management services designed to adapt to the changing markets and increase the overall value and performance of our properties. To align our on-property management with hotel investment goals, we focus on customized management strategies for each property. We believe that success begins at the property level and entrust our hotel management teams with the autonomy and resources to create unique travel experiences that drive revenue, excel with sales/marketing, and make decisions that will increase the overall value of the asset.


We at SBP manage a range of branded and independent hotels within the Tri-state NY area. Our customized hotel management services have a track record of improving guest experiences, maximizing investment returns, and surpassing the standard on a continued basis. We provide our hotels with all the resources based to succeed in different markets.  SBP management services include:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Operations

  • Revenue Management

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

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